The Norah Howell Charitable Trust

The Norah Howell Charitable Trust

Terms & conditions

Statement of Authorised Purpose

  • Any charitable purpose;
  • Any non-commercial purpose that is beneficial to the whole or a section of the community.

Grants are made by the Trust in the following general areas:

  • Promotion or support of medical research, equipment or services.
  • Support of organisations involved in welfare, emergency shelters, social and medical education.
  • Support and assistance to those of limited economic means.
  • Other recognised charitable purposes

The above authorised purposes include (but are not limited to):

  • Promotion of any amateur sport where that sport is conducted for the recreation of the general public. Includes, but is not limited to, the provision of ground fees, equipment and uniforms for amateur sporting clubs and teams. No donations and/or payments to professional sportspersons.
  • Donations for cultural educational purposes that are of a non-commercial nature.
  • Donations for educational advancement through grants to schools or other educational institutes for equipment or the development of better student amenities not covered by Government funding, including playground equipment etc.

Decisions by Net Proceeds Committee

All final funding decisions are made by a quorum of at least {enter number here} members of the Norah Howell Charitable Trust Board of Trustees. 

Grant applications found to be non-compliant will not be approved. In this context, “non-compliant” means grant applicants that do not contain all the relevant information, are retrospective, where previous accountability information has not been received, where there is a conflict of interest, where it does not comply with the authorised purpose of Norah Howell Charitable Trust, or where there is information that the applicant has received funding from other source(s) for the full amount needed for the purpose applied for here. 

An application for funding is considered “retrospective” if goods and services are purchased prior to consideration by the Board of Trustees. If an event takes place or goods/services are purchased prior to the Trustees decision, then the application will be considered non-compliant and declined.

Conditions for Allocation of Funds

Funds approved will be deposited into the nominated bank account, with the following conditions applied:

  • Any grant allocation must be applied to the specific purpose stated on this application and to no other purpose. Acceptance of payment will be deemed to confirm that the grant allocation has or will be applied accordingly.
  • The allocation is made as a grant, a gift from Trust funds, made on the condition that no procuration fee, commission and/or discount has or will be paid to any person and that no identifiable direct benefit arises or may arise in the form of a supply of goods or services to any party involved as a result of the payment being made.
  • In the event of non-compliance to these conditions, an amount equal to the allocation amount is immediately repayable by the recipient to the Trust.
  • Any grant made by the Trust is exempt of Goods and Services Tax.
  • The Trust requires that an acknowledgement of grant be completed and returned to the Trust, once funds have been received by the recipient organisation.
  • Any uniforms or equipment purchased from grant money will need to remain the property of the organisation.

Accountability Requirements

Recipients of grant funding must return paid invoices and bank statements to Norah Howell Charitable Trust within the timeframe stipulated by the Trust after the funds have been spent to complete the accountability requirement. If these funds were not spent for the appropriate purpose, the Trust will request a refund of the full amount of the grant. 

If a funding surplus exists, the surplus must be returned to Norah Howell Charitable Trust by direct credit within 20 working days of the request or as otherwise agreed with Norah Howell Charitable Trust.  

Grant recipients must use approved funds for the specific authorised purpose for which it was granted. Failure to account for funds spent against the specific authorised purpose will result in the Trust requesting a refund.

The Trustees will not generally make a grant to any organisation who has previously received a grant, but has not spent these funds, or returned the relevant accountability documentation or refund to the Norah Howell Charitable Trust.

Norah Howell Charitable Trust may at any time request further accountability documentation to ensure funds have been spent appropriately. 

Where information is obtained by the Board indicating that a grant recipient has received funding from other source(s) for the full amount needed for the purpose applied for here, the Board will take reasonable steps to obtain a return of the money from the grant recipient. 

If a refund is requested, the grant recipient must return this money to the Norah Howell Charitable Trust by direct credit within 20 working days of the request or as otherwise agreed by Norah Howell Charitable Trust.

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