The Norah Howell Charitable Trust

The Norah Howell Charitable Trust

Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible?

There are a number of purposes which the Trust will fund. Please view the list below for which ones are funded/not funded.

Purposes funded:

  • Arts (especially music)
  • Social Welfare
  • Education
  • Medical Research
  • Services for Specific Projects

Purposes not funded:

  • Sport
  • Schools
  • National Organisations

Below is a list of currently Excluded Charities:


  • Aphasia New Zealand (AphasiaNZ) Charitable Trust
  • Laura Fergusson Trust Inc
  • The Fred Hollows Foundation (NZ)
  • Arthritis
  • Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand
  • The Hearing Association Hamilton & Districts Branch Inc
  • Assistance Dogs New Zealand
  • Life Education Trust Hamilton 
  • The Meningitis Foundation Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Asthma and Respiratory Services
  • Life Education Trust Waipa King Country
  • The Order of St John Central Region Trust Board
  • Barnardos New Zealand
  • Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust
  • The Parenting Place Inc
  • Bowel Cancer Aotearoa Charitable Trust
  • National Foundation for the Deaf
  • The Sensible Sentencing Group Trust
  • Breast Cancer Foundation NZ
  • National Heart Foundation Of New Zealand
  • The Starjam Charitable Trust
  • Cancer Society
  • Presbyterian Support (Northern)
  • Unicef Childrens Foundation
  • CanTeen Aotearoa Inc
  • Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand
  • Waikato Society of Arts Inc.
  • CCS Disability Action Waikato Inc
  • Rescare
  • World Vision of New Zealand Trust Board
  • Child Cancer
  • Rostrevor House Inc.
  • YMCA
  • Christians Against Poverty NZ
  • Royal New Zealand Foundation Of The Blind Inc
  • Youthline Auckland Charitable Trust
  • Deaf Aotearoa NZ Inc
  • Royal New Zealand Plunket Society Waikato Area Inc


  • Enrich+
  • Skylight Trust


  • Habitat for Humanity
  • SPCA Waikato


  • Hospice New Zealand Inc
  • Spinal Cord Society (New Zealand) Inc


  • Hospice Waikato Trust
  • Surf Life Saving New Zealand


  • Kidscan Charitable Trust
  • Te Whakaruruhau 2013 Inc.


Which browser should I use to make my grant application?


Below are the different browsers that can be used to complete your application:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer 9 (or higher)

Are there conditions attached to grants?

Yes. Please see the terms and conditions within the application.

Can we be reimbursed for expenses?

No. Grants must be approved prior to any purchase/event/trip being undertaken. Retrospective grants will not be considered.

How will the grant be paid?

Payment will be direct credited to the recipient organisation's bank account. You will need to include a deposit slip with your application.

Will our organisation be audited?

No, however, Trustees may wish to meet with you to discuss your application.

How will I know if our application is successful?

Norah Howell Charitable Trust Board of Trustees meet twice a year to review grant applications. All approved and deferred applications will receive notification by email 2-4 business days following the meeting. Declined applications will receive notification by email 2-4 business days following the meeting.  All declined applications and supporting information will be destroyed or returned to the applicant upon request to do so by the applicant.

What will we have to do if we are successful?

Norah Howell Charitable Trust requires an acknowledgement of grant form to be returned to the Trust along with verification of expenditure (receipts etc.). These receipts must be from the same companies as the quotes supplied in the application and must be returned within six months of the grant being made. Failure to comply with the conditions will result in the Trust seeking a full refund of the grant approved.

Do grants include GST?

Grants are GST exclusive; no grant made by Norah Howell Charitable Trust Inc has GST content.

I am applying for funding for the salary of staff member; what information do I need to provide?

Norah Howell Charitable Trust requires the following information to support an application for funding for salaries and/or wages and must be uploaded into the application:

  • Copy of the signed contract and job description. (See the Uploads section at the end of FAQ's)
  • Timeframe for when you will require the funding i.e. 4 weeks from 3rd March 2014 to 28th March 2014.

Do I need to include a copy of full minutes with my application?

Yes, minutes are required.

Who is eligible to apply for funding?

Applications for grants are only accepted from organisations that have particular emphasis on the Hamilton and Waikato areas. Grants are made to organisations rather than to individuals.

The Trustees prefer to support specific projects of organisations rather than their general funding. General funding applications are considered provided they are directed to the core purpose of the organisation.

Can venue operators benefit from a grant?

No, venue operators can‘t make any decisions or recommendations about applications or receive completed application forms.

Sporting Activities

The Trust does not fund sporting activities of any nature.

Amateur, not professional

Professional sport cannot be an authorised purpose because of its commercial character.

A bona fide sporting activity

Sporting activities do not meet the authorised purpose.

How is the application assessed?

The Norah Howell Charitable Trust Board of Trustees meets twice a year to consider all funding applications. Decisions are made by taking into account the available funds, the merit of the application, the compliance of the application, and the overall community benefit. 

How do I apply?

Simply scroll down the page to the "Let’s get started" area, select the category that best fits the type of grant request. Then register your details as the person making the application in the section marked “Person making the application” and click on the ‘apply here’ button. This will open a screen in which you can complete, and save your application.

Are there different application forms for different categories of grants?

No, there is only one grant application for you to complete.

Do I need to fill out every field?

No. Only mandatory fields are required, however the more information you enter, the more consideration your application will receive.

Can I save my application, leave the application and continue it later?

Yes you can leave the application, just hit the save button first at the base of the page.  To continue your incomplete application form, simply refer to the email sent to you labelled "User Application link" and use your allocated application password to log back in and complete your application form.

Why can’t I progress past this stage of my application?

It is most likely because you have not filled in an entry into a mandatory field. Check if there are any highlighted questions. If there are you will need to enter information into the mandatory field.

Do I need to attach a file?

No, but if you have some relevant information you think would well support your application then it would be advisable to attach it. There is the ability to attach a Word, PowerPoint or image file, please be aware that the maximum file size is 5MBs.

Uploads: In steps 5 and step 7 you will be asked to upload certain information. To assist you in completing your application have the following file available to upload as requested in the above mentioned steps:

Step 5

  • Certificate of Incorporation, name the file Certificate of Inc
  • Minutes of the Committee or Executive Meeting, name the file Minutes
  • Resolution, including the name of the Trust, authorised purpose and amount to be applied for, name the file Resolution
  • List of Committee Members full names, name this file Committee Members
  • Set of Accounts, being the most recent, (latest) for the last full year, name this file Accounts
  • Organisation’s Bank Deposit Slip, matching the name of the party applying, name this file Deposit Slip
  • Proof of Affiliation, this is only required if you are a sports club or belong to a national body, name this file Affiliation Letter
  • Organisations Constitution, you must include a copy of your organisations constitution and if you are a sports club, please provide a set of your rules and code of conduct, name the file RCOC
  • Endorsement Letter from the Principal, this is only required if you are applying for a school or school team, name this file Principal’s letter
  • Proof of Events, is required for the names of people traveling if your application involves costs for team travel and event costs, proof would be a copy of a flyer/invite or entry form, name this file Event Details
  • Names and Roles of Players, this is a full list of the people travelling including names and positions, name this file Names and Roles
  • IRD Tax Exemption Certificate, If your organisation is a Registered Society please provide a copy of your IRD Tax Exemption Certificate, name this file Tax Certificate

In Step 7 of the application you will also be asked to upload the following documents:

  • A Preferred Quote, which is the quote that should be your lowest cost supplier for any items that you are requesting funding for. This quote should not be more than 3 months old and must be addressed to the organisation and that the quote matches the amount of the funding being applied for. name this file, Preferred Quote
  • Competitive Quote, which is the second quote as a comparison to the Preferred Quote. If it is not possible to provide a competitive quote then please upload a letter of explanation as to why, name this file Competitive Quote
  • Employment Contracts, which are the contracts of the individuals or contractors that your organisation is seeking funding for, they must be signed by both parties, you may upload as many of these are you need, name this file Employment Contracts
  • Job Descriptions, these are the written job descriptions that have been supplied to the individual define their role and responsibilities, you may need as many of these as you need, name this file Job Description
  • Proof of Identity, a (Driver's License or  Passport) is required for persons authorised to make an application. Please upload  with photo and signatures clearly visible, name this file ID Full name of person

Why am I having problems uploading documents/files?

If you are having problems uploading documents/files, please make sure you have the latest version of Flash Player installed on your computer. To get the latest version, go to

How long will it take for me to be notified whether or not my grant application has been successful?

Once you have applied you will be sent a confirmation message, acknowledging receipt of your application, along with notification of how many days before you receive notice of your success or otherwise.

What are my obligations if I am successful?

The obligations of all applicants that are successful are described in the Terms and Conditions section of the application, please read this carefully.

Will my information be shared with other parties?

No, your information will only be shared internally and is protected in line with the Privacy Policy contained within this application, please read it carefully. If your application is successful then the Trust would have the right to promote the Grant in their media communications including social media pages and website.

A system or program issue

If you are having a system or program issue with the application then please click on the help desk link below and lets us know by completing the email support request form. We will endeavour to respond the same day if your request is filed before 12 noon or the following day if your request is filed after 12 noon. The help desk response will only be available Mondays to Fridays and not on public holidays.


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